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If you've never experienced the joy of accomplishing more than you can imagine, plant a garden

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God almighty first planted a garden. And indeed, it is purest of human pleasures

Francis Bacon


About US

GREENWALL INDIA We are one of the oldest nursery in Delhi, since 65 years. We have established ourselves as one of the top nursery in Delhi/NCR. We have had accelerated growth in past 6 decades in retailing of plants and designing and execution of soft landscapes to both government and private organizations. We were the first to introduce the living wall/green wall/bio walls/vertical gardens in the region in 2011. We aim at taking the 'greenwall' business to a new level of integration within the built environment. We have developed state of art research and production facility spread over 6 acres in the city of Delhi, our cutting edge technology allow living walls, vertical gardens and other plants to survive in severe weather conditions of northern India. We offer a tried and tested greenwall, indoor plant nursery that is not only sustainable in extreme weather conditions, round the year, but is an incredible product of beauty. This effective procedure has extended across various regions of Northern India. Our experienced and dedicated team of professionals has successfully installed this versatile system in the states of Delhi NCR, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh creating an unending list of happy customers.


Product Details

  • Self Sustainable Living/Green Walls.
  • Light weight.
  • Longevity Enabled, non biodegradable Growth medium.
  • Each planting cell has its own water reservoir.
  • Easy to plant & install.
  • Multiple plant varieties to choose from.
  • Pre-grown panels can also be installed.
  • Installed to any size i.e. height & width
  • Can be fastened to wall directly or can be supported on MS & GI frames.
  • Withstand high wind velocity.
  • This system can be installed on any surface having slope from 30 degrees to 90 degrees
  • Base system infrastructure is hidden as it always covered with thick vegetation.
  • Improves the Climatic Conditions and oxygen levels of micro climate.
  • Helps in air purification.

Growth Medium

Growth medium is a combination of various ingredients which are inorganic, organic and inert materials.

Benefits of Growth Media:

  • More than 10 years of life.
  • Good texture
  • Enhanced plant growth
  • Suppressed methane emission
  • Reduced fertilizer requirement (estimate 10%)
  • Reduced leaching of nutrients
  • Stored carbon in a long term stable sink
  • Reduces soil acidity: raises soil pH
  • Increased soil aggregation due to increased fungal hyphae
  • Improved soil water handling characteristics
  • Increased soil microbial respiration

Water Requirement

  • Irrigation is required twice a week in summers and once a week during winters.
  • Weight per sft when fully saturated with water is less than 10 kgs.
  • Porosity, water holding capacity & the texture is best for plantation.
  • The unique design of our green wall panels, the physical properties of growth medium & roots of plants help in retaining the medium in panels.

Points to Ponder:

  • While making provisions of spaces, keep in mind that our green wall panel is 30 cm x 30cm x 10cm..
  • Be it interior or exterior green wall, access for reaching each & every green wall panel has to be kept as for maintenance practices like trimming, spraying, checking irrigation system, one has to reach each & every single panel once in a month under normal conditions.
  • Normal maintenance activities involved are trimming of plants, checking irrigation system, application of insecticides & fungicides & fertilizers through drip irrigation.

Greenwall Benefits

  • Space Saving: greenwalls use minimal ground space to maximise living space
  • Insulation: the small cavity between the greenwall and wall surface remains at a relatively constant temperature.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: adds a natural beauty to any room, courtyard or building.
  • Energy Savings: the thermal barrier helps conserve energy by reducing the need for air-conditioning and heating
  • Acoustic Benefits: good phonic qualities that absorb sound waves.
  • Air Quality: acts as a biofilter to capture and denature pollutants known as Volatile Organic Compounds - VOC's
  • Biophilia: interaction with plants has been shown to create a sense of wellbeing.
  • Water Recycling: plants can purify slighty polluted water such as Grey Water. Greenwalls can act as Biofilters removing pollutants.
  • Green Space: increase green space in the urban environment. Reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect.
  • Property Value: should increase property value by adding a real green solution.

Terrace Garden

Our landscaping skills not only cover horizontal and vertical gardens but also elevated ones. Green Roofs have proven to be such a successful method of insulating buildings, thus vastly reducing energy consumption on heating and cooling, that many countries have begun to mandate their use.

Greenwall India have expert staff to consult on and install quality Green Roofs on new and existing buildings. We use the latest materials and techniques to ensure a lasting, efficient and attractive installation.

Please call or e-mail us for more information

Terrace Garden Image

The Nursery

  • Exotic varieties of indoor plants (more than 100 veriety)
  • Shrubs
  • Ground covers
  • Bonsai
  • Tall Trees
  • Topiaries plants
  • Rare palm varieties
  • Climbers
  • Fruit plants
  • Winter seasonal flowering plants
  • Summer seasonal flowering plants
  • Winter seasonal english vegetable plants
  • Winter & summer rooted cutting and seedlings

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